Triny Cline and Mike Sherrer

Blue Pattern w/Square Plates Brown Pattern w/Round Plates
Looking for handmade Dinnerware?
We offer a wide range of options for someone who wants something out of the ordinary. We have two basic glaze designs: the blue pattern and the brown pattern (the way to id the pattern is what is the color of the sky? if it is blue then you have the blue pattern, if it is brown with specks then you have the brown pattern). Dinnerware sets can be all one pattern or a mix of patterns.

Dinner Plate-------------------------28
Salad/bread/dessert Plate------------18
Soup Bowl----------------------------16
Soup Mug-----------------------------18
Drinking Tumbler---------------------17
Wine Goblet--------------------------25
Large Coffee-------------------------20
Small Coffee-------------------------18
We also offer serving plates, bowls, pitcher, salt and pepper, butter dishes, etc... of various sizes and prices.

Triny Cline/Mike Sherrer
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