Mike Sherrer & Triny Cline

A majority of sculptors who work in bronze send their work out to foundries by making the oringal in clay and telling the Foundry " Make me 10 of these". We do all our own foundry work and only make one version of each peice. These are some photos of us in an actual pour taken by a friend of ours, Carrie Borgman.

The first photo is feeding metal into the furnace, since the day is just starting the furnace is cold (a big hint is the lack of protective gear).

Next are scenes for scraping the slag from the top of the crucible, slag is usually a crude glass mainly caused but the melting sand from the metal we are re-melting from previous pours).

Next we lift the crucible out of the furnace (the metal is roughly 2200F) so we are taking extreme care NOT to spill it.

And these last 4 photos are of the molten bronze being poured into the molds.

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